Have you heard the news? Introducing A & C

25 Jul 2017

Automation & Control

Automation & Control are a leading supplier of robotics, automated systems and process control solutions.

Our team combine our mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge with our market leading range of products. This provides our partners with economically reliable automated systems that maximise production and reduce costs.

From loading pallets to picking and packaging of products, we can provide an economical automated process to an autonomous system adding value and improving your business.

Modu Express

Automation & Control can provide the following:

• Picker placer
• Multi-axis robots
• Automated packaging
• Pallet handling & dispensing
• Cense per motion services

• Servo motors & drives
• PLC programming
• VSD drives systems
• Plant & Equipment control systems
• Drive enclosure manufacture

• Modu conveyor systems
• Modu restaurant food delivery systems
• Paglierani packaging systems
• Product dosing & handling systems
• Product weighing & dispensing
• Food & picking & packaging systems

Visit Automation & Control's website for more information Here.

Automation & Control is the newest member of Mechanical Equipment Group (MEG).