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13 Apr 2017

Tank Enviro Systems     

Tank Enviro Systems is proud to be the Australian distributor and stockist of market-leading products developed and manufactured by the world-renowned Brentwood Industries, headquartered in Reading, Philadelphia, in the United States.

One of Tank Enviro Systems’ core products is the world-leading Polychem Chain and Flight Sludge-Collector system. With more than 18,000 systems in operation worldwide, Polychem sludge collectors have become the industry standard for high performance and reliability. They feature non-metallic parts that provide a lightweight alternative to metallic components, and they have been engineered to function efficiently as part of any clarifier system.

Tank Enviro’s national on-site services include assisting with installation and commissioning for new or refurbished system installations. For assets that are already installed, the Tank Enviro team can implement the Polychem-designed Component Analysis and System Evaluation (CASE) program, allowing all of your scraper system components to be evaluated in terms of estimated life expectancy and current wear. A full condition report can be supplied to assist with evaluation for programmed maintenance and/or forecast asset replacement budgets.

Complementing the Polychem product range, Tank Enviro Systems also designs and supplies Brentwood Tube Settler Systems (mainly used for drinking-water plants) for rectangular and/or circular tanks, as well as the unique ‘Sedvac’ sedimentation dredge system, which can handle high concentrations of sludge and grit, and is capable of consistently removing solids of three per cent concentration across a wide range of influent quality.

Biological treatment and complexities – such as stringent discharge limits, space constraints and regional variations – can present a growing burden for plants facing demands to treat greater flows. Through Tank Enviro, Brentwood’s AccuFAS FBBR system offers a flexible solution for facilities requiring greater treatment capacity in existing basins, better nitrification with consistent seasonal performance, and biological nutrient removal to meet strict effluent total nitrogen limits. At Tank Enviro Systems, the team can custom-design and supply submerged fixed-film solutions for any application. AccuFAS is configured as either an Integrated Fixed-Film/Activated Sludge (IFAS) or Fixed-Bed Bioreactor (FBBR) system.

Tank Enviro Systems also supplies Brentwood’s Trickling Filter Media, which is installed in no less than 500 trickling filter installations worldwide. Brentwood offers a variety of structured-sheet, plastic media configurations with differing flow patterns and surface areas to meet site-specific treatment objectives: BOD roughing, BOD removal, nitrification, and combined BOD removal and nitrification.

For further information, please contact the dedicated team at Tank Enviro Systems. We look forward to working with you soon.

Tank Enviro Systems 

Tank Enviro Systems