Core Values




A culture defines who we are.

It sets forth aims and principles of a united group. Our success is based on the shared values and commitment of the people who are building our company for the future, on developing new technology, on discovering creative and innovative ways to do things, on improving the value of our services to our customers, on building strong relationships with our customers, and on seeking excellence in everything we do.

Honesty & Integrity

We take family values as a business template. Integrity, trust, knowledge and goodwill underpin every activity – from enquiry to delivery and beyond. We believe our successes can all be traced to family values and an unshakeable commitment to look after our employees, customers and industry partners.

Customer Service

Customer service is our main core value. This not only measured on the results and benefits our products and services provide which we supply to you but in the understanding of your business. Through this understanding and partnership, we are able to provide outstanding results to our customers.

Our company has an understanding of many industry sectors. Daily contact with maintenance, planning and procurement specialists keeps every member of our team tuned into customer specific needs. With an unlimited global reach and reliable business partners, Tank Enviro Systems is a “Can Do” company that listens to problems and then focuses on the most practical cost-effective solution. Imaginative design capabilities, lateral thinking, rigid benchmarking and an ability to overcome problems makes Tank Enviro Systems an outstanding business partner.

Positive Attitude & Excellence

Our Company is a place for “Can-Do” people. A positive attitude empowers us. A positive attitude is the foundation for excellence.

Take Pride

What we do affects who we are. Each of us brings special talents and areas of expertise to the company. The company’s values grow out of each individual’s values. The company’s results are merely the accumulation of our singular results. You make a difference. Take time to feel good about what you do.

Knowledge & Skills

It doesn’t take long for skills and knowledge to become outdated in a fast-changing world. We must constantly retool ourselves, become perpetual students. Delve deeper. Keep learning. Share your knowledge. Our company believes training our people is the key to successful careers, and in turn success for our customers.

Corporate Citizenship

Get involved. Being a good corporate citizen means we don’t just stand on the sidelines and observe. Being a valued member of a community means giving something back to it.

Care About Others

Strong teams are built on personal relationships and genuine caring for each other. Ask co-workers how they are doing and listen to what they say. Clear communication and a sense of teamwork are critical in a competitive environment. Our commitment to our culture and to our people is our key to success.

Continuous Improvement

In every application, there is always room for development and continuous improvement. Tank Enviro Systems utilises its experience to constantly offer our clients the latest innovations and solutions.

Our sector knowledge and specialised product development approach provides you with a level of service and results that our clients rely on to achieve greater productivity and results.

In developing this process we have an improved understanding of your business and application requirements. With this higher level partnership and understanding we can offer solutions that are efficient, competitive and beneficial to your business.

Our partnership with our clients across these sectors allows us to share knowledge gained from previous experience with you.

Our sector services and knowledge includes Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance services

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